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Zero to Hero WordPress Website Developer

I am Zeeshan Akram a Freelance WordPress and Digital Marketing Expert having 6 plus years of expertise in Web and digital marketing across a wide range of industries.

Specialize in the following areas:

– Create, Fix, Customize, WordPress Website and blogs

– Digital Marketing strategy and Plan

– Digital marketing for Brands

– Web content and Site Optimization

– Graphic Designing (Photoshop Editing, Flyer design, Business cards and many more….)

I joined Krios.io as a WordPress developer and digital marketer freelancer at the start of 2020. Now, I am a proud member of the Krios.io platform and working at Blog.Krios.io as a WordPress developer. I truly believe that a person with skills cannot be unemployed for a long time. I struggled a lot at the beginning of my career but I didn’t give up. I suggest you start your freelancing career on the professional freelance websites like Krios.io. There are no shortcuts, be consistent and I assure you that you will get your fruits very soon.

To visit my profile please click on the link below:


Muhammad Zeeshanhttps://www.krios.io/u/zeeshan
Project Manager, WordPress, SEO & Digital marketing expert with 5+ years experience, working at Krios since 2019. I am responsible for creating and managing websites, creating content, and graphics for the businesses to grow organically.

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