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The Ultimate Guide to Work Smarter Not Harder

If you are in the freelancing market, then I am sure that you must have heard this phrase “work smarter not harder”. But what does it actually means of working smarter not harder? How does this phrase be relevant to freelancers?

What Does It Actually Mean to Work Smarter Not Harder?

It is a common phrase used by people nowadays. Everyone tells you to work smart, but nobody tells you what it actually means. But don’t worry because now Krios will provide the answers to these questions.

Smart work does not merely mean being more productive. It means that you should invest your time in that work which generates more output for you. It would be best if you found the effective strategy that you can use to get all the little stuff done without using much effort and time.

Therefore, you must utilize your time in the most effective manner so that you can accomplish your dreams. So, it would be best if you tried to use every hour to the full potential in order to succeed at a fast pace.

Ultimate Strategies for Smart Working for Freelancers

Below we have mentioned the best strategies that freelancers can use for working smarter, not harder.

No. 1 Develop a System                     

Most of the people often waste their time while deciding what to do next. They consume a lot of time in this process without knowing.  When you are a new freelancer, the chances are that you won’t have much on your plate at the moment. So, you can easily manage your tasks and can do whatever task you like whenever you want to.

But the scenario will undoubtedly change when you have to complete a lot of tasks. Therefore, you need to develop a system for yourself. Take some time out and then think about the services you provide while freelancing. After that, establish a system to organize your tasks. By developing a system, you will save a lot of time.

No. 2 Use The Best Productive Tools

Productivity tools are really efficient. They are really helpful in organizing your tasks. But, it would help if you used productive tools in the right way so that they can work efficiently. Otherwise, you may misuse the productivity tools.

For example, you may spend a lot of time trying to set up your tool instead of using it. Or you may also devote time to finding out those features of the app that might not be useful for you. Therefore, you should use the productivity tools effectively and make sure not to misuse them.

No. 3 Measure Your Results, Not Your Time

If you want to work smarter, not harder, then you must measure the amount of work that you have done instead of measuring your time. Like, you may spend 3 hours writing a 1000 word blog post, and suddenly you will feel that it took a lot of time to complete that.  

But you can also consider the other tasks that were done to complete that blog post. Like, you broke the blog post into paragraphs, formatted it and then added images in the article. Suddenly, now you will feel that you have done a lot of work in that time frame.

You can measure your results by generating a done list. A done list will show you how much work you have done on that day. It is an ongoing log of the day. When you create a log, you will also feel motivated after seeing the amount of work that you have completed throughout the day. Done lists also allow you to review your entire day.

No. 4 Make an Attitude Adjustment

We work more effectively when we have a positive attitude. Therefore, you should also try to always keep a positive attitude while working. Try to take initiatives too whenever you can. When you have a positive attitude at work, you will be able to set standards for your work.

No. 5 Stick to a Routine

Human beings work faster when they follow a routine repetitively because then we do not have to think about the task. Therefore, you should also set a routine for yourself for the completion of the daily tasks. You can also use various online tools like an online calendar management tool for managing your tasks. Also, read our other blog if you want to learn some time management tips by Krios.

No. 6 Stop Multitasking

I know that many of us believe that we can multitask efficiently. But trust me fellas’ it isn’t true. According to neuroscientists, human beings are not capable of multitasking. If we think that we can multitask, we are deceiving ourselves.

When a person multitasks, he simply diverts his attention from one task to another. Your brain struggles a lot when you try to multitask things rapidly. Therefore, stop your urge to multitask at once and focus on the thing which is important at the moment.

Finally, I would advise you to do what you love to do. Follow your passion and your dreams and focus on the work that you actually love doing. Because, when you do those tasks that you enjoy, then you become more productive and efficient. So, follow the above-mentioned tips if you want to work smarter, not harder.

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