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How to Retain Your Freelance Employer – Tips For Freelancers

You might be wondering how you can retain your freelance employer for a longer time. It is a difficult thing to do, especially for those who are new in the freelancing market.

In freelancing, whenever your work with a client is completed, you, as a freelancer, start worrying about whether your employer will hire you again or not. But don’t worry, it is natural to feel this way.

Krios will help you out to combat this situation. We will provide you the best tips which you, as a freelancer, can use to retain your client so that he will work with you again and again on a long-term basis. 

9 Ways to Retain Your Freelance Employer

Here are the following 9 different ways or things you can do to retain your freelance employer. These tips will help you out to develop a long and stable relationship between you and your employer.

1.      Always Provide Quality Work

Make sure that you always provide quality work to your employer. Be the person he could always go to in times of urgent needs. Understand the requirement of your client.

Employers always look for someone they can trust. Even though you work remotely with a considerable geographical distance, you can develop a relationship with your employer-based on trust.

Always try your best to understand the needs and requirements of your employer and remember his preferences. Your freelance employer will be happy to work with the same freelancer if he trusts him entirely instead of hiring a new freelancer whom he needs to explain everything over again.

2.      Offer Special or Affordable Prices

Everybody likes special offers and discounts; similarly, your client will feel your gratitude when you would give him special or affordable prices. Tell him that you would provide special affordable prices to him if he keeps working with you on a long term basis. By doing so, you can retain your freelance employer on a long term basis.

3.      Communicate Effectively

Communication is the key here, pal, just like every relationship requires effective communication between the two involved parties in the same way you need to communicate well with your employer to retain him for a long term basis. Understand him and try to anticipate his preferences.

4.      Get To Know Your Freelance Employer

Getting to know your freelance employer well is an essential tip to keep a long term relationship. Try to learn about your employer’s values, interests, preferences, and goals. Think about the ways by which you can help out your client.

Please do your research about your employer, see how they have evolved. Ask them questions and check why some ideas get rejected. This will help you to generate fruitful or beneficial ideas. If you follow these practices, you will become irreplaceable.

5.      Provide Added Value

Think of different ways on how you can deliver added value to your freelance employer. This will help you to make your relationship with him stronger.

Look for ways by which you can deliver added value and use your talents or contacts to provide extra service to him, which other freelancers cannot offer.

 If you have the budget in your hand, you may hire another freelancer from Krios who can help you complete some extra tasks for your client. Readout this article, which will tell you how you can hire a freelancer from Krios.

6.      Be Available 24/7

Working as a freelancer means that you have to be available for your employer, 24/7. It does not mean that you cannot have time for yourself, but you need to manage some time for your employer even when you have your own commitments.

Even if you are on your vacation, cut some time for your employer, listen to his needs and requirements, and make sure you work accordingly. Your employer should feel that you are available to him whenever he needs your assistance.

7.      Be Honest With Your Freelance Employer

When they say that honesty is the best policy, I can surely say it is true indeed, for this matter too. Employers always want to work with honest and sincere freelancers. Suppose your employer tells you to complete a task that does not need any significant changes in reality, then tell him about the whole scenario.

Explain to him that the significant changes he is asking for are not essential to fulfilling the task. Be honest and sincere with him. Don’t do unnecessary things just to charge him more for money. By following this practice, you will gain more benefits in the future and a strong relationship with your employer. 

8.      Establish Good Business Practices

You need to adopt good business practices. Be consistent in your work and deliver quality service to your freelance employer. Always deliver your work on time; it is even better if you provide it ahead of time.

 Keep updating your employer about the task you are doing. If you face any issue with the job you are performing, then communicate it to your employer immediately and find an effective solution. 

To sum up, this whole article, try to be a valuable resource for your employer instead of just another ordinary freelancer. Treat his business like your own business, you care for him, and he will care for you in return.

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