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How to Find the Right Freelancer on Krios

The freelancing network is getting bigger and bigger with time, and it doesn’t seem to slow down in the coming time. Whether you are a huge corporation or a small business owner, you must always have some tasks to outsource.

If you are new to this freelancing network, then several thoughts might cross your mind before hiring a freelancer like; how should I hire a freelancer? From which platform will I be able to get an expert freelancer to outsource my few tasks? Will he able to complete the required task?

Krios will take care of this headache for you as we provide you the following guideway, which will resolve all these queries for you.

  1. Ask Around In Your Network:

When looking for an expert freelancer, it is better to ask around in your network or circle about the freelancers’ people have hired before.

 If you reach out to people in your network for freelancers’ recommendations, they will have a previous experience that they will share with you. If a freelancer is being recommended, then he must have gained that recommendation through his quality work. 

  1. Social Media:

Presence on social media is only not essential for any business, but it also includes freelancers. Use any social media platform like Facebook or Instagram, where you might fight the right freelancer for you.

Join our Facebook page to get all the latest updates about our business and freelancers. You may ask around other people for quality recommendations.

  1. Read Reviews:

Another way to know which freelancer is the right fit for you is to read their reviews. You can read the reviews given to each freelancer by their previous employers’ on Krios. By clicking on a freelancer’s chosen service, you can read the reviews given to that freelancer for his previous work.

After reading the reviews, you can get to know the quality of service provided by each freelancer. It will surely help you to shortlist several freelancers from which you can choose the one for you.

  1. View Their Portfolio:

Krios allows each freelancer to display their portfolio along with the description. By taking a good look at the portfolio, you can see each freelancer’s capabilities and capacity. 

 You can also ask a freelancer to show sample work before making a final decision. It will help you in getting to know the freelancers’ working style.  

  1. Give an Underdog a Shot:

Don’t be afraid to make your bet on an underdog in this game. He might be the best choice for you.  A newbie also has what it takes to produce a top-notch result. 

Instead of hiring a more famous or popular freelancer, you should take a leap of faith in choosing a newbie to complete your task. He will cost you less than a popular or most reviewed freelancer and will put his full effort and time in completing the task assigned to him.

Just make sure to communicate well with him to be sure that he is doing exactly what you want.

  1. Communication is the Key:

When they say that communication is the key in every relationship, I guess it works for this process too. Effective communication with your freelancer will surely help you to get the desired outcome you want from him.

When you provide clear cut guidelines to the freelancer, he will be able to produce the results as you want. Make sure to provide him all the necessary details for the completion of the project.

Krios provides the service of real-time chat between the employer and the freelancer to make sure that they can discuss everything before and during the process of completion of the task.

  1. On-Time Payment:

Like your regular employees, you must also make sure to pay your freelancer on time. Treat your freelancers well, like your traditional regular employees. When a freelancer is happy or satisfied with you, he will indeed produce great work.

You can take your time to review the work and then send the final payment to the freelancer. Krios always escrows’ the employer’s payment for a few days so that he can review the final work delivered to him. 

When you are fully satisfied with the work delivered to you, you can only make the freelancer’s final payment.

  1. Leave Positive reviews:

One great benefit you can provide to your freelancer is to leave a positive review on the platform about the work he has done.

If you are satisfied with the work delivered to you by the freelancer, then you can give a 5-star review on their service. By giving a 5-star review to your freelancer, you help him grow his business on this freelancing network.

  1. Give Respect to Your Freelancer:

Your freelancer needs to know that you not only value him for his skills but also value him as a person. Give respect to your freelancer, show him that you admire his skills.

Respect is a two-way street. When you give respect only then, you can earn respect.

Understand your freelancer if he has some issues and wants to take a day off. After all, they are humans who have a social life and may need to take a day off to fulfill their family commitments.

If you are looking forward to hiring a freelancer now, then choose Krios, as it is one of the best platforms which provide expert and talented freelancers from around the globe. Readout our next article to get to know how you can hire expert freelancers from Krios.

Krios is a marketplace for both freelancers and businesses of any size. Consider signing up to Krios to get your job done by the talented and skilled freelancers from all around the world.

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