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How to Become a Freelance Photographer

If you are willing to become a freelance photographer, you might worry about whether it is a good option or not. But trust me becoming a freelance photographer is not a wrong choice at all if you are passionate about it. Also, you can earn your living by pursuing what you actually love.

By becoming a freelance photographer, you will enjoy freedom, flexibility, satisfaction and fulfilment. But like any other freelancer, you must also market yourself to get successful. So you must learn marketing skills in addition to photography skills too.

So that being said, you should learn about various marketing skills and then see which one suits you the best. Undoubtedly, you will succeed as a freelance photographer by properly laying out an effective strategy for yourself. By implementing an effective strategy, you will be able to keep your clients for an extended period.

Krios has described the various marketing skills that will help you to succeed as a freelance photographer.

No. 1 Create Your Online Portfolio

First of all, create an online portfolio for yourself so that clients can see the quality work you can deliver. It is also essential so that clients can see that you are a professional photographer. Your portfolio must display your high-quality work. If you do not have any work to show to your clients, you should try some free photography projects.

You can also shoot some photos for models who want to build their portfolios. By doing this, you can create your own portfolio also. Also, you can make your portfolio by covering up some local events and gatherings. Try to use multiple photography techniques and skills in your portfolio so that clients can see your skills.

No. 2 Make Full Use of Social Media

It is certainly not wrong to say that social media is the best medium to display your photography skills. It is one of the best marketing strategies you can implement. You can connect with various followers and find potential clients on social media by displaying your work.

Instagram is one of the great and finest platforms that you can use as a photographer to display your work. It has almost 1 billion users so you can increase your followers by displaying your high-quality work. You can build your brand on Instagram and can attract many potential customers also.

TikTok is another application that is getting popular nowadays. Many videographers use this application to display their work and creativity. Videographers edit their videos and also show how they shoot their videos using multiple techniques. By doing this, they can increase their chances of meeting potential clients. Therefore, you should make full use of social media in order to create a bigger network of young people and clients.

No. 3 Start Your Own Blog

Another tip to become a successful freelance photographer is to start writing up your own blogs. It would be best to include a blog section on your website and your portfolio. By creating a blog, you can market yourself effectively.  If you are not sure about how to design a website, you do not have to worry as WordPress makes this task really easy even for beginners.

Blogging can also help you to build your brand. Through blogging, you can also increase your network. You can make your mark in the photography industry. Write up in your blog about the different techniques and tricks you use in photography.

No. 4 Receive Feedback from Your Clients

One thing that you must always do is to receive feedback from your clients. You can receive feedback from your former clients either in written form or through a video message. Having these feedbacks from your previous clients prove your credibility. It shows that you are a professional photographer who has good skills. 

Always ask your former clients to give feedback on the work that you have completed. By displaying these feedbacks, the potential clients will trust you more easily. It is also a successful or constructive way to connect with more people and build trustable relationships.

No. 5 Create E-Mail List of Your Clients

Creating an e-mail list of your clients and sending them e-mails regarding your photography work and services is an excellent marketing strategy. It also keeps your relationship with your previous clients stronger. Therefore, try to maintain an e-mail list of your clients and potential clients in order to grow as a successful freelance photographer.

By sending work-related e-mails to potential clients, you can show them the skills and technique you have.  You can also build trust with your clients by sending them an e-mail at regular intervals. You should keep in mind that you should consider the timing and consistency with which you send e-mails. Therefore, try to manage the time of sending e-mails to your subscribers strategically.

No. 6 Build Network with Other Professional Photographers

Like in any other industry, it is necessary to build and expand your network with other field professionals. Therefore, you should also follow some professional photographers.  Get involved with other professional photographers in your community so that you can market yourself. Promote their business so that they too will promote your work in the market.

No. 7 Practice More to Become a Successful Freelance Photographer

Practice, practice and practice! There is no harm in practising your skills as much as you can. Practice will only help you to shine and polish your skills. Your photography techniques and skills will only get better with practising. Take your camera around with you and use various techniques to take photos.

By following the strategies mentioned earlier, you will be able to become a successful freelance photographer. So, try to use these strategies effectively and see which one works out the best for you.

Also, read our other blog that will provide you tips on how to take your career to the next level.

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Teresa’s Tips

8 Reasons to Outsource Your Tasks

With the passage of time, the world’s trend changes, and the same is the case in the world of business. Nowadays, many businesses, whether small or large, have decided to outsource some of their tasks to freelancers.  There are many reasons to outsource your tasks to freelancers.

Top 8 Reasons to Outsource Your Tasks to Freelancers

Here Krios has mentioned the various reasons to outsource your tasks to freelancers. These reasons are discussed below:

No. 1 Cost Efficiency

The first and the most common reason to outsource your tasks to freelancers is that it is cost-efficient. Firms prefer to hire freelancers to complete their tasks because they can hire workers at a low cost. The majority of the firms outsource their tasks to such countries where the labor cost is less in comparison.

So, by doing this, they can make a considerable reduction in cost. Also, full-time employees cost more than freelancers. As firms have to pay for bonuses, leaves, and health insurance for full-time employees, but that is not the case for freelancers. You only pay a freelancer for the work, effort, and time he invests.

No. 2 More Focus On Core Business

Another major reason firms outsource their tasks to freelancers is to focus more on their core business. They hire freelancers to complete those tasks which do not belong to the central business and can be handled by a third party.

For example, you can outsource your accounting tasks to some accounting firm while taking care of the rest of the business. It is also beneficial for firms to hire experts to complete a task without investing your own time learning it.

No. 3 Can Hire Experts to Complete Some Tasks

You may want to hire the best graphic designer for your business, but he isn’t available in your region? Or you may want the best web designer for your business. All these issues can be resolved quickly through outsourcing. You can hire experts to complete your tasks efficiently through freelancing.

By outsourcing your tasks, you can hire anyone, at any time and anywhere in no time. You get access to global talent. You can hire an expert workforce for your business easily. Now with outsourcing, you are no longer only restricted to your full-time workforce but can also access the talented global workforce.

No. 4 Can Improve the Quality of Service

Undoubtedly, you will produce better results or output when you solely focus on your business’s core objectives. So, you will undoubtedly improve the quality of service delivered to your customers when you focus on your core business.

With outsourcing, you hand over the daily routine jobs and tasks to the third party and concentrate more on achieving your business’s objectives. So, if you decide to outsource, you will be able to operate your business more efficiently.

No. 5 Efficient Cash Flow Management

Another benefit that firms receive by outsourcing the tasks is better or efficient cash flow management. Because when you hire freelancers, the fixed cost of salaries of full-time employees turns into the variable cost. It becomes a variable cost because you only pay a freelancer when you require him to complete a task. So, you do not need to pay him every month. That is why outsourcing tasks is more cost-efficient.

Therefore, when you reduce your fixed cost, you can free up some cash and use it to make investments. You can also use that free up cash to invest in your research and development or use it for your business’s marketing campaign.

No. 6 Freeing Up Internal Resources

It is challenging for firms and businesses to survive in harsh financial environments. Therefore, they need to use every cent carefully. Firms must also invest in human capital efficiently. By hiring freelancers, firms can outsource the daily routine tasks and invest in the right people to carry out the core tasks of business and take their business forward to the next level.

No. 7 Flexibility

Nowadays, there is uncertainty everywhere. There is uncertainty in the global economy also. So businesses need to adapt to such an environment quickly to survive. Due to this uncertainty, firms sometimes need to either expand or downsize depending on the conditions.

If the firm wants to hire new full-time employees to expand, they cannot do that quickly. Because it is a lengthy procedure as you have to take several interviews and tests for hiring a single employee, which is time-consuming. So through outsourcing, you have access to a talented and expert workforce in no time. 

Firms hire freelancers to complete specific tasks and can then hire them again when they need their expertise. So, if any firm needs to downsize, it is also easy to do if they have employed freelancers compared to full-time employees.

No. 8 Increased Efficiency

By outsourcing your tasks, firms can also increase their efficiency. Freelancers are experts in their fields. There are some tasks which only need expertise twice or thrice in a year for a firm. For example, you may need the expertise of a website designer for some time. For that, you do not need to hire a full-time employee as you can simply hire an expert freelance website designer for that purpose. You do not have to pay for his training expenses as you need to for full-time employees. So, by outsourcing such tasks, you can increase the efficiency of your business.

I am sure that now you are well aware of why you should outsource some tasks to outside freelancers. Freelancers have worked with other firms in the same industry. Therefore they know how the work is done in the industry. So, you will not have to worry before hiring freelancers for your business. It is the trend nowadays to hire freelancers to carry out tasks for businesses. Therefore, you must also adapt to these changes as quickly as possible to keep up with the changing world.

You can hire talented freelancers from the world through Krios also. So, read out our other blog on how to hire the right freelancer for your business.

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Teresa’s Tips

The Ultimate Guide to Work Smarter Not Harder

If you are in the freelancing market, then I am sure that you must have heard this phrase “work smarter not harder”. But what does it actually means of working smarter not harder? How does this phrase be relevant to freelancers?

What Does It Actually Mean to Work Smarter Not Harder?

It is a common phrase used by people nowadays. Everyone tells you to work smart, but nobody tells you what it actually means. But don’t worry because now Krios will provide the answers to these questions.

Smart work does not merely mean being more productive. It means that you should invest your time in that work which generates more output for you. It would be best if you found the effective strategy that you can use to get all the little stuff done without using much effort and time.

Therefore, you must utilize your time in the most effective manner so that you can accomplish your dreams. So, it would be best if you tried to use every hour to the full potential in order to succeed at a fast pace.

Ultimate Strategies for Smart Working for Freelancers

Below we have mentioned the best strategies that freelancers can use for working smarter, not harder.

No. 1 Develop a System                     

Most of the people often waste their time while deciding what to do next. They consume a lot of time in this process without knowing.  When you are a new freelancer, the chances are that you won’t have much on your plate at the moment. So, you can easily manage your tasks and can do whatever task you like whenever you want to.

But the scenario will undoubtedly change when you have to complete a lot of tasks. Therefore, you need to develop a system for yourself. Take some time out and then think about the services you provide while freelancing. After that, establish a system to organize your tasks. By developing a system, you will save a lot of time.

No. 2 Use The Best Productive Tools

Productivity tools are really efficient. They are really helpful in organizing your tasks. But, it would help if you used productive tools in the right way so that they can work efficiently. Otherwise, you may misuse the productivity tools.

For example, you may spend a lot of time trying to set up your tool instead of using it. Or you may also devote time to finding out those features of the app that might not be useful for you. Therefore, you should use the productivity tools effectively and make sure not to misuse them.

No. 3 Measure Your Results, Not Your Time

If you want to work smarter, not harder, then you must measure the amount of work that you have done instead of measuring your time. Like, you may spend 3 hours writing a 1000 word blog post, and suddenly you will feel that it took a lot of time to complete that.  

But you can also consider the other tasks that were done to complete that blog post. Like, you broke the blog post into paragraphs, formatted it and then added images in the article. Suddenly, now you will feel that you have done a lot of work in that time frame.

You can measure your results by generating a done list. A done list will show you how much work you have done on that day. It is an ongoing log of the day. When you create a log, you will also feel motivated after seeing the amount of work that you have completed throughout the day. Done lists also allow you to review your entire day.

No. 4 Make an Attitude Adjustment

We work more effectively when we have a positive attitude. Therefore, you should also try to always keep a positive attitude while working. Try to take initiatives too whenever you can. When you have a positive attitude at work, you will be able to set standards for your work.

No. 5 Stick to a Routine

Human beings work faster when they follow a routine repetitively because then we do not have to think about the task. Therefore, you should also set a routine for yourself for the completion of the daily tasks. You can also use various online tools like an online calendar management tool for managing your tasks. Also, read our other blog if you want to learn some time management tips by Krios.

No. 6 Stop Multitasking

I know that many of us believe that we can multitask efficiently. But trust me fellas’ it isn’t true. According to neuroscientists, human beings are not capable of multitasking. If we think that we can multitask, we are deceiving ourselves.

When a person multitasks, he simply diverts his attention from one task to another. Your brain struggles a lot when you try to multitask things rapidly. Therefore, stop your urge to multitask at once and focus on the thing which is important at the moment.

Finally, I would advise you to do what you love to do. Follow your passion and your dreams and focus on the work that you actually love doing. Because, when you do those tasks that you enjoy, then you become more productive and efficient. So, follow the above-mentioned tips if you want to work smarter, not harder.

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Teresa’s Tips

How To Take Your Career To The Next Level

As a freelancer, you always need to improve your skills. After staying steady for some time, you need to take your game to the next level and have to learn how to take your career to the next level. Your career is in your own hands. No one else is responsible for it. Therefore, you must consider how to take things to another level now.

Tips To Take Your Career To The Next Level

Here Krios will mention some tips that will help you as a freelancer to take your career to the next level.

No. 1 Set a Schedule to Consider Your Next Move

Everyone needs some time for themselves. Therefore, as a freelancer, you should spare some time out to think about how you can improve your skills and can raise your level in the freelancing market. Those people who work in organizations usually get appraisal training programs.

Similarly, freelancers should also try to think about their next move. And for that purpose, you need some spare time. So, take some time out from your busy schedule. Even if it’s a week or a day, use that time productively to think about the next step that you should take.

No. 2 Think Where You Want to Be

Consider where you want to see yourself in the near future. You may think that it is unnecessary to do so. But, trust me, it is an effective exercise. Take some time out and think about your next move. Set a goal for yourself that you want to achieve and then determine the path that will lead you to your goal.

No. 3 Find What You Lack In Your Skills

One way to take your career to the next level is to find out if you lack in any skill that you possess. Therefore, consider the feedback that might be given to you by any third person. Your employer might have given you feedback before regarding your skill that needs improvement.

So, make sure to give some thought about these feedbacks. By improving your skills, you will benefit yourself. You can make advancement in your career by improving your skills.

No. 4 Utilize Your Full Potential

Identify your core strengths. It is really important to find out your core strength in order to succeed in freelancing market. Work on your strengths and become an expert in your field. Find out what you are really good at and then utilize it fully.

No. 5 Find Solutions

As a freelancer, you must always try to find efficient solutions for your clients. If you are not able to provide solutions for the problems of your client, then there is a huge problem, my dear. If you want to succeed, make sure that your client knows that you are the one he should always go to. You should be the one your employer must seek in time of need and whenever he needs to resolve his work problems.

No. 6 Talk to Your Friends about Your Career

You can also talk to your friends or fellow freelancers regarding your career. Because talking with your friends will generate some new ideas related to your career. It is always better to discuss stuff related to work with those people who support you and want you to succeed in your career.

No. 7 Do Some Research

Before you make any next move related to your career, it is advised to do some research first. No matter how small the step is, it is always better to do thorough research before finalizing any next step. You can simply start your research from Google search. Or also, you can ask some professional associations, magazines, relevant books, or some blogs or forums that are related to your field.

No. 8 Keep On Improving

Without any doubt, I can say that no matter to which field you belong to, there is always room for improvement. So, make sure that you always keep the doors to improvement open. Take the advice given to you by your close people seriously. Always consider the various options available in front of you. And then decide about which one you should choose after thoroughly considering each one of them.

No. 9 Always Keep Learning

Humans never stop learning. Therefore, do not think ever in your life that you have learned enough. Always keep on learning. Look for the key trends in your industry; also learn about the new technologies or software that might help you to grow your business further.

Also, learn new skills. It would be best if you always were open to new ideas and change because change is the only constant in this world. Learn from the experiences of other people and see how it can help you to grow. You don’t need to experience everything by yourself. Sometimes it is better to learn from the experiences of other people.

No. 10 Try to Stay Positive in Most Situations

I know it is hard sometimes to stay positive in every situation. But I can say this without any doubt that by being positive in the majority of the situations will benefit you. No matter what position you are stuck into, the only way out of it is to stay positive and think about how you can make the most out of it. It’s hard, but it will undoubtedly work for you. Be a high energy person and remain proactive while you work.

According to research, only those people succeed in their careers that stay positive and optimistic. Therefore, try to appreciate what you have and keep on working hard about how you can excel further in your career. Set a goal for yourself and think about how you can achieve that goal. Set a route for yourself after thorough research and just keep on following it.

Also, read our other blog if you are interested in learning some time management tips by Krios.

Krios is a marketplace for both freelancers and businesses of any size. Consider signing up to Krios to get your job done by the talented and skilled freelancers from all around the world.

Teresa’s Tips

Top 8 Best Graphic Designing Skills

In this era, you should not merely do hard work but also learn to do smart work. Here in this blog, Krios will mention the best graphic designing skills that will land you high paying clients. Therefore channel your energy towards this path if you are interested in generating more money through graphic designing.

Best Graphic Designing Skills to Earn More Money

So now, without wasting any time, let’s start learning about the best graphic designing skills. These skills will help you increase your capabilities and will also generate more income for you. These prime skills which the clients are looking for are mentioned as below:

1.      UX Design

Talking about graphic designing skills, we know that those clients who pay you a good amount of money look for premium designs. They also want such designs that are functional. So the designs should be visually appealing.

So, if you want to obtain such results, UX design certainly plays its part here. UX design, also known as user experience design. It sums up the process of designing everyday products and services in such a way that it brings a positive user experience.

2.      UX Copywriting

If you have both graphic designing skills and copywriting skills, you can easily land high paying clients. By combining these two skills you will enhance your skill level. Like UX design, UX Copywriting also focuses on creating a more positive and enjoyable user experience. Its primary focus lies in microcopy, menu headers, pop-ups, page headers, and also 404 error notices.

3.      UI Design

UI design is an acronym for User Interface Design. It is a graphic designing skill that will make your portfolio look good. And it will also be able to convince the clients that you have got what it takes to be an expert graphic designer.

Graphic designers prefer UI design to create those interactive elements that are usually used in digital media. For example, creating drop down menus, animations, clickable buttons, buttons etc.

It also includes various tasks like researching your target audience to learn more about the user persona. UI designing also includes tasks like developing prototypes and testing the designs.

4.      Coding Skills

Coding skill is indeed a critical graphic designing skill. By combining the coding into your graphic designs, you can easily land high paying clients. Therefore, if you want to get successful in this freelancing market, you need to learn about some basic programming techniques.

As after learning the coding techniques, you can easily integrate coding into your graphic designs to generate more broad and extensive designs. You can also make alterations in your designs. You can do so by using programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

5.      Environmental Graphic Design

EGD, also known as Environmental Graphic Design. It is a field in graphic designing that uses multiple disciplines like art, architecture, landscape, lighting and various other ways to enhance or increase the user experience through a visual translation of ideas in the built environment.

Simply, it means that EGD uses various disciples to generate a visual environment based on your ideas. It is a way of turning ideas into visual reality or an environment. With EDG, people feel connected with a place. By learning this skill, you will be able to land high paying clients, as this skill requires expertise.

6.      Augmented Reality Design

Augmented reality design is also known as AR. In Augmented Reality, designers enhance a part of users’ physical world with the help of computer-generated input. Designers create an input from a vast category. It includes inputs ranging from sound to video, graphics to GPS overlays and many more.

Augmented Reality designing has a lot of use in a wide variety of fields and is one of the best graphic designing skills. Many different businesses use AR in advertising and marketing. It is also used by designers in developing mobile games and movies. Also, various companies use augmented reality for product demos. There is a massive demand for AR designers in the freelancing market also.

7.      Colour Theory

Colour theory focuses on the rules and guidelines regarding the use of colours in art and design. Graphic designers learn this skill because it teaches them to use a combination of various colours. It also tells them about the best-suited way to convey the message of an organization in visual interfaces.

Graphic designers must learn this skill so that they can convey messages correctly in visual interfaces. They must know how different colours impact peoples’ perception, emotions and decision-making skills. After learning about the colour theory, you can raise the level of your graphic designs.

8.      Understand Design Patterns  

As a graphic designer, you must be able to have an understanding of the design patterns. This is important because people mostly have a particular design pattern in mind. They have a perception of how specific elements look like in every design.

Like, people expect sidebars, contact us, and navigation buttons on a website. If they are looking at a magazine, they expect page numbers, headlines or any other graphics related to the magazine or the book.

Therefore, as a graphic designer, you must know about the common design patterns according to people’s criteria regarding certain things.

As a freelance graphic designer, you must learn these best graphic designing skills so that you can complete premium jobs related to graphic designing. By winning such jobs, you will earn a significant sum of money too. Therefore, learn to do smart work instead of hard work. Invest your time and energy in learning these skills.

Also, read out our other blog for getting tips on how to win projects on Krios.

Krios is a marketplace for both freelancers and businesses of any size. Consider signing up to Krios to get your job done by the talented and skilled freelancers from all around the world.

Teresa’s Tips

How to Build Skills for Winning Projects That You Want

Undoubtedly, freelancing involves constant learning. It will not be wrong to say that a human being learns continuously throughout its life. Hence, it is also necessary for a freelancer to learn new skills or to upgrade their current skills to survive in the freelance market. Therefore, as a freelancer, it is must to build the skills for winning projects that you want.

Indeed, new or fresh freelancers cannot become experts of a field overnight. They need to upgrade their skills continuously and have to invest in their time to learn and master a skill. Only after that, you will be able to build skills for winning projects that you want.

4 Ways to Build Skills for Winning Projects That You Want

So, now you may be wondering how you can build the necessary skills where you get sure that you can carry out the project you want quickly and comfortably.

1.     Obtain Certificates to Build Skills for Winning Projects

The first thing that you need to obtain certificates related to the skills that you have. There are various disciples in which you can get certificates by completing a particular course or by taking the necessary training in a program.

Google also offers various programs which you can learn and can then obtain certificates after that. Google Product Certifications is one example in this regard. Project Management Professional certification is also another example. Indeed such courses are beneficial for freelancers as they help you to grow your skill and also give you more confidence.

Another benefit of obtaining these certificates is the fact that they really look good on your freelance profile. Also, such certificates show that you actually have the skills you talk about. Your employer also gets the satisfaction that you have got what it takes to carry out the project that you want efficiently and skillfully.

2.     Take Online Courses to Build Skills for Winning Projects

As I have mentioned earlier, you can boost your morale and confidence for taking on any project that you want by learning and growing your skills through online courses. With the passage of time, it is becoming easier for everyone to learn various programs and skills through online courses.

Nowadays we have got various platforms like Udemy, Skillshare and LinkedIn Learning that offer multiple programs and skills which people can learn. You can take such online courses at any time whenever you are free. These programs help you to grow your skills. Now you can learn these skills and can raise your skills to a professional level.

3.     Always Choose Quality over Quantity

Expert freelancers work in a specific niche. Therefore, fresh freelancers must choose the skills they want to learn wisely. After selecting your niche, try to learn the skills necessary for working in that domain and focus all your time and energy in excelling those skills.

As a freelancer, you have to stick to your domain. It is not advisable to go and master a large number of disciples. Because in trying to master multiple domains, you do not do justice to any of it. Therefore, it is better to always prefer quality over quantity. Work hard in your specific niche and excel your capabilities in it.

4.     Carry Out Practice Project to Build Skills

When you are learning a skill, it is beneficial for you to take on a few practice projects. By carrying out the practice projects, you get an opportunity to gain experience related to your skills. Therefore, get your hands on some practice projects by asking through someone in your network.

Also, it would be best if you tried to offer your help related to the skill that you are learning to someone close in your circle. By helping someone, you get to learn a lot which is indeed beneficial for your own learning process.

There are few freelancers, especially the newcomers in the freelancing market who carry out projects at lower rates because they are new in this field. They carry out these projects at a discounted rate also. Some of the freelancers carry out the practice projects at a discounted rate in the early phase of their career while they are learning.

By following the ways mentioned above, you can easily build your skills for winning projects that you want. Also, if you are looking forward to some time management tips, then do read our other blog that will provide you with some excellent and useful time management tips.

Krios is a marketplace for both freelancers and businesses of any size. Consider signing up to Krios to get your job done by the talented and skilled freelancers from all around the world.

Teresa’s Tips

How to Improve Your Project Management Skills

One thing which every freelancer will undoubtedly advise you is that you must have the skills to manage your projects. Otherwise, you will not be able to carry out your tasks on time as a freelancer. So the question which arises now is how to improve your project management skills as a freelancer.

It will not make any difference whether you are a freelancer or a small business owner; you must possess project management skills. Therefore, you need to learn this skill so that you can complete your projects on time. To be a successful freelancer, you must offer more than just technical skills to your clients.

Tips for Improving Project Management Skills

You can be an expert web designer, a writer, or a social media marketer, but if you do not possess project management skills, it will undoubtedly cost you a lot in the near future. As a freelancer, it would be best if you learned these tips below to improve your project management skills.

1.     Planning

I am certainly not wrong to tell you that planning is the most crucial step in project management. One of the biggest reasons a project or a business fails is because of inadequate, unrealistic, or simply because of no planning at all.

I know it seems boring to plan out everything beforehand but trust me, it is really important to do so because planning will determine where your freelance business will go in the near future. So you need to set up realistic goals. Like your goal could be to earn $ 4000 per month.

After setting up your goal, you need to do strategic planning and think of several ways to achieve that goal. For example, you build your portfolio; target a specific niche, etc. Break your key strategy points into more simple and straight forward steps to achieve it.

2.     Be Realistic About Timings

One of the essential factors to keep in mind is time management. Things often take more time to complete than you might have thought they would take. So it is better to build up some extra time in your schedule for the completion of tasks.

A task can get delayed due to any unexpected event, so there is no harm in sparing some extra time; if your work gets complete before the deadline that is undoubtedly better. And if some unexpected event occurs in between then, you have spare time to complete your task, and you will not panic.

3.     Use the Right Tools for Your Project

Indeed, you require the right tools to complete the tasks and projects on time. Like, if you are a website developer, you may need specific software for developing websites. You should certainly have the right tools to complete your tasks, so invest some time in it.

However, most of the freelancers do not require very complicated management tools. I personally use Excel spreadsheets to keep track of the tasks that I have to complete, and I also use Outlook Calendar for scheduling.

4.     Communicate Effectively

According to a study, two out of five projects do not produce the expected output due to ineffective communication. So I guess it proves how crucial effective communication is. Therefore, you must focus on effective communication for the completion of your projects.

As a freelancer, you must be able to communicate well with your client. Otherwise, you will not be able to produce good results in the end. Therefore, set up a schedule with your employer and try to find out the communication method or strategy that works best for you both.

Try to communicate with your employer on a weekly basis or after a couple of days, whatever seems to work for you guys. Provide updates regarding the project to your employer by setting up milestones.

5.     Choose Right People for the Right Job

Sometimes a freelancer may need to build up a team to get the job done. For that purpose, you need to hire the right people for the job. Hiring the right people is one thing, but after hiring them, there comes the need to assign tasks to each member of your team.

In project management of small teams, every individual of the team is a project manager. Therefore, everyone must communicate well with other team members to produce excellent results. Choose the members of your team carefully.

While you manage the overall project, make sure that you assign the right tasks to everyone on the team for productive results.

6.     Keep Asking About Feedback

Undoubtedly, great leaders always ask for feedback. Getting feedback is a strategic way of knowing how you are performing. If no one criticizes you for your work, you will never be able to improve yourself.

Therefore, keep learning from the feedback you get, whether from your employer or your own team members. Keep asking for feedback at regular intervals for your betterment.

So we can say this with utmost surety that a freelancers’ success certainly depends upon his project management skills. Therefore a freelancer must improve his project management skills to grow his freelance business.

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The Perks of Being a Freelancer

With the passage of time, the freelancing market is getting more significant day by day. Only in the US, the number of freelancers has reached over 55 million. So a question may arise in your mind that what are the perks of being a freelancer.

Well, freelancing does provide you various benefits and an edge over the traditional job. The biggest reason is that freelancing makes you happy in comparison to a conventional job.  We asked a lot of freelancers about why they prefer freelancing, and the majority of them gave the following reasons:

1.     Flexibility

Indeed, the biggest and the foremost reason for choosing to freelance for most freelancers is that it gives them flexibility. They can invest their time in projects according to their own will. They have full control and authority.

Freelancing allows you to work according to your own pace. Freelancers indeed have all the freedom to decide how many hours they want to work. You can work long hours if you like and take some time off from your work if you’re going to rest. All this is done without someone bossing around about it. So I guess flexibility justifies itself as the most fantastic perks of being a freelancer.

2.     Rise in Productivity

Freelancers can increase their productivity by setting their work schedule when they are most productive. For some people, the morning time is the most productive hours. Such people can complete their tasks till lunchtime and have the rest of the time for other chores.

So the point is that freelancers can choose the time to complete their scheduled tasks while being most productive. By doing so, they can produce the highest quality work in a shorter time period.  Therefore, when someone is productive, they can complete their tasks with better output and faster.

3.     Have More Family Time

As a freelancer, you know that you can schedule your own work. So now you can attend those family gatherings without worrying about your office timings. Freelancing gives you the freedom to participate in your family gatherings and fulfil your family and social commitments whenever it is needed.

Since the majority of the freelancers work from home or their personal space, they can certainly have more time with their family. Even when you are working, you are close to your children and family at home.

4.     Choosing Wide Variety of Projects

Another perk of being a freelancer is the ability or power to choose a wide variety of projects. Since they are their own bosses, they can choose to work on the type of projects they want to. No one is going to assign the tasks to them. For me, it is one of the best perks of being a freelancer.

This ability to choose their own projects makes freelancers happy. Especially those individuals who get bored quickly by doing similar tasks repeatedly can get the most out of it. Freelancers can choose to complete those projects which are most suitable depending on their skills.

When freelancers choose projects according to their own will, they produce outstanding results and get more confident. Therefore, they can compete in their own niche and can make their own mark in that field.

5.     Higher Earning Potential

Rather than having a fixed income package from the standard package, freelancing allows you to have higher earning potential.  Freelancers enjoy more financial freedom than full-time employees. They can choose the type of projects they want to work on by setting their own rates for each project.

Freelancers have the freedom to choose their own rates they are comfortable with. They can also decide about the projects to work on, as well as the rate at which they will complete that task and even the working hours all by themselves. All these are the benefits you get from being a freelancer.

6.     Greater Exposure

For me, getting more exposure is the one of the biggest perks of being a freelancer. By opting for freelancing, you get more exposure in your career. Freelancers can choose to work on a wide variety of projects, which gives them more experience. This is not possible in traditional jobs where you usually work on similar projects for one company.

7.     Better Work-Life Balance

Another edge that comes with freelancing is more stability and balance in your work and life. As we know that freelancers have more freedom in comparison to the full-time employees, they can better manage their work and life.

So freelancers can schedule their workload so that they can also accomplish the other tasks and activities in their lives. They can have more time for themselves. Therefore, they can have time to read their favorite book, do their work out, or have more time to fulfill their social commitments.

Finally, as everything has both pros and cons, so same is the case with freelancing. It gives you certain benefits and has the edge over conventional jobs, especially for free-spirited people. Freelancing provides you more exposure and experience and also a better work-life balance.

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Krios is a marketplace for both freelancers and businesses of any size. Consider signing up to Krios to get your job done by the talented and skilled freelancers from all around the world.

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8 Common Mistakes Made by Freelance Writers

For a lot of people, being a freelance writer is a dream job. But it’s not always rainbows and sunshine out there. Sometimes a minor mistake can cost you big time, and the same is the case for new freelance writers. Some common mistakes made by new freelance writers can cost them a lot.

You might know that becoming a full-time freelance writer is not an easy thing. You are never sure about the income that you will earn. The competition is relatively high in the freelance market. Therefore, you have to wait and invest some time to survive in this tough competition.

Some Common Mistakes by Freelance Writers That Could Cost You A Lot

Here we will mention some of the common mistakes made by new freelance writers and how to avoid them. These mistakes may look minor but, if neglected, can cause some serious trouble in the future.

Common Mistakes No. 1 – Not Making a Work Schedule

The first mistake a freelance writer can make is overestimating their writing skills. Yeah, you read it correctly. I know it sounds absurd, but new freelance writers commonly make this mistake. They sometimes overestimate their working capabilities.

A project may look simple to complete, but you face some hardships when you start writing it. Due to which they do not correctly judge or make an estimate about the time it will take them to complete that project.

Therefore as a new freelance writer, you certainly have to develop a work schedule in order to complete your writing projects on time. Otherwise, you are going to face the negative consequences of it. So choose a time in the morning for writing and evaluating your progress.

Common Mistakes No. 2 – Not Leaving Bad Clients           

Another common mistake by new freelance writers is not ending their work relationship with bad clients. There are some really bad clients who first of all pay at the lowest end of the spectrum and still ask for more unpaid tasks, such as adding more photos in articles, unpaid rewriting, and many more similar tasks.

As a new freelance writer in the market, you need to learn with which clients you should work and which clients you must drop. Firing bad clients is really tough for new freelance writers as they find it hard in the first place to find clients. So it’s hard for them to drop clients even if they are making them to unpaid tasks.

 But despite all that, you need to take a stand for yourself and stop working with bad clients. Therefore, try to find new clients with whom you can have a healthy work relationship.

Common Mistakes No. 3 – Not Taking Enough Rest

Being a freelance writer is certainly not an easy job. Like many other jobs, it can wear you out quickly, especially in the early writing phase. So freelance writers must take enough rest to write. If you are not a disciplined writer, then taking multiple projects at one time will certainly wear you out.

Therefore you must not take multiple projects if you cannot schedule them properly because then you will have to write for a long time, which will end up with you not getting enough rest. When you do not clear out your mind and do not take proper rest, it undoubtedly affects your writing ability.

Common Mistakes by Freelance Writers

Common Mistakes No. 4 – Working Free

A new freelance content writer obviously cannot charge as much as an experienced writer. But that does not mean that the employer should not pay him even a reasonable amount for his work. It is a misconception that as a new freelance writer, you should not even charge a fair amount for your work.

So by charging less than the reasonable amount for your work will not only harm you but will also bring the value of the freelance writer market down.

Common Mistakes No. 5 – Taking On Multiple Freelance Writing Jobs At Once

I know it is hard to say no to more work, especially when you are new in this field. New freelance writers want to make their mark, and in doing so, they accept multiple jobs at once. It usually becomes hard for them to handle.  

Indeed quality is more important than quantity. Therefore you should try to focus on the quality of work. Instead of taking on too many jobs that you cannot handle, try to take on less work and focus on it entirely. Invest your full time in it and create your masterpiece.

Common Mistakes No. 6 – Not Having Enough Savings

This mistake is quite common not only for freelance writers but for every freelancer. Do not quit your full-time job for becoming a professional freelancer before you have saved enough money for at least 6 months. You should keep this money as a backup.

Since there is no guarantee of income for new freelancers during the early period of freelancing, therefore, you need to have some money in your hand to cover up your expenses for a few months. Never jump into this ocean before preparing yourself well.

Common Mistakes No. 7 – Not Setting Proper Career Goals

Many freelance writers keep making this same mistake. While it may seem that not setting up some goals will not affect you as a writer but trust me, it does matter. You should always set up reasonable goals in order to take your career to the next level.

When you set a reasonable goal for yourself, you will create a path for it. As a freelance writer, you may set your goal to acquire two or three long term clients at the end of the year. By setting this goal, you will undoubtedly be able to assess your clients better. And you will be able to see which projects to take on and which to leave.

Common Mistake No. 8 – Not Planning For Worse Situations

Like I have said before, you need to think like a leader. And leaders always plan ahead, especially for the worse situations. As a freelance writer, you may have one or two long-term clients right now, but that is not enough.

Every freelancer knows that clients come and go. Therefore you need to keep looking for more good clients without compromising the quality of your work. So that even if your previous client leaves for some reason, you do not end up drying with no work.

Finally, I will advise you to maintain a strong and loyal relationship with your clients so that you can work with them on a long term basis. Always deliver quality work and communicate effectively with your clients. Try to avoid these common mistakes as a new freelance writer; otherwise, these minor mistakes will definitely cost you a lot.

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Krios is a marketplace for both freelancers and businesses of any size. Consider signing up to Krios to get your job done by the talented and skilled freelancers from all around the world.

Teresa’s Tips

How to Have Effective Communication with Freelancers

As you all might know that effective communication is really important for maintaining any relationship. It is a really essential skill that a person should have. Effective communication is either going to make or break your relationship with your hired freelancer.

Therefore, effective communication is the key factor in the completion of your project with excellent output or end result. So here, Krios will let you know about the most crucial tips and guidelines that will help you to learn and utilize this skill effectively.

Tips for Effective Communication in Business

There is a slight difference in working with full-time employees and freelancers. And that difference is the communication barrier that may exist between a freelancer and the employer. So here, we will let you know about some effective communication skills that will guide you thoroughly.

Tip No. 1 – Set Communication Rules

The first effective communication technique is to set communication rules between you and your freelancer. This is crucial in order to avoid any sort of misunderstanding between the two involved parties.

You need to understand that you and your freelancer probably do not live in the same time zone. So try to understand that your freelancer cannot be available to you all the time.

Therefore, set your availability. Always tell your freelancer at the time what you will be available. Find a suitable time for both of you as this is the best approach to resolve this issue.

Tip No. 2 – Better to Communicate in Writing

Another important technique that you could use is to try to communicate in writing. I know that it will consume a bit more time of yours in comparison to oral communication. But trust me, it will be more effective.

Whenever you are going to discuss the details regarding the project, you should try to put it in writing. Since when you communicate it in writing, there will be less chance of miscommunication.

When you talk to someone over the phone, you may think that the other party has understood everything, but suddenly when you hang up, you might mix up several details with each other.

Tip No. 3 – Always be clear and concise

Learn to communicate every detail by being clear and concise. Because when you make a lengthy conversation, things get complicated. As each freelancer is usually involved with more than one client at a time, so try to be as concise as possible.

Highlight or make bullet points of the essential items to be discussed. By highlighting these points, you will know concisely which things to talk about while conversing with your freelancer.

Tip No. 4 – Understand Each Other’s Differences

When communicating with your freelancer, try to understand the differences between each other. The differences might be because of culture. So it’s helpful to understand the common differences between each other. After settling that down, set proper guidelines to communicate with each other.

Tip No. 5 – Do Not Try to Control Them                               

As an employer, you should not always try to control your freelancer or regular employees. The regular employees might need to be controlled, but this approach may not always work with your freelancers.

Freelancers usually love freedom, and they complete their tasks at their own pace. Just give them their work and get feedback from them once a day or so. Set your milestones so that you can see how much work is completed.

Of course, sometimes, you need to keep in check with the freelancer as it is the demand for that specific project. Sometimes you have to work closely on a project as an employer, but that scenario is totally different.

Tip No. 6 – Allow Reasonable Time for Response

Obviously, I do not mean this regarding the completion of deadlines. But when you send a mail to your freelancer or a message, then you should wait for his response for some time. Stop your urge to send follow up messages or emails.

As I have mentioned earlier, it is better to set up a time or a day regarding the replies to messages or emails. By doing so, both the employer and the freelancer will know when you will respond to each other and when they should wait.

Tip No. 7 – Plan Well Before Hiring Your Freelancer

As an employer, you need to plan well before hiring the freelancer. Only then will you be able to take a good start on the project.  You may think that you can hire any freelancer at the last moment. But it may not always work for you.

So try to communicate with the potential freelancer effectively. Ask him whether he will be available to take the project. Also, tell him about the project’s deadlines clearly before outsourcing any task to him.

Tip No. 8 – Always Establish Milestones

Follow this advice always as it is going to benefit both the employer and the freelancer. When you will set up milestones and divide the task into more straightforward tasks, you will know how much work is completed.

The freelancer will provide you the report regarding each milestone. You can set the time for the report as you like. By following this practice, you will be able to communicate well with your freelancer.

Tip No. 9 – Appreciate the Good Work

Like you always show appreciation to your regular employees, try to appreciate your freelancer also. By appreciating your freelancer, you will motivate him and develop a strong, loyal bond with him. By appreciating your freelancer, you are showing a good gesture.

If your hired freelancer has done great work, leave a positive review of his gig/service. That will benefit him too. Give verbal appreciation also to encourage him. And finally, the best way to encourage and appreciate him is to hire him for another project.

Finally, just try to understand the differences between each other. Treat each other respectfully. And find common grounds to settle the issues, if any, in between each other. A good talk can resolve almost anything.

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Krios is a marketplace for both freelancers and businesses of any size. Consider signing up to Krios to get your job done by the talented and skilled freelancers from all around the world.

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