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8 Common Mistakes Made by Freelance Writers

For a lot of people, being a freelance writer is a dream job. But it’s not always rainbows and sunshine out there. Sometimes a minor mistake can cost you big time, and the same is the case for new freelance writers. Some common mistakes made by new freelance writers can cost them a lot.

You might know that becoming a full-time freelance writer is not an easy thing. You are never sure about the income that you will earn. The competition is relatively high in the freelance market. Therefore, you have to wait and invest some time to survive in this tough competition.

Some Common Mistakes by Freelance Writers That Could Cost You A Lot

Here we will mention some of the common mistakes made by new freelance writers and how to avoid them. These mistakes may look minor but, if neglected, can cause some serious trouble in the future.

Common Mistakes No. 1 – Not Making a Work Schedule

The first mistake a freelance writer can make is overestimating their writing skills. Yeah, you read it correctly. I know it sounds absurd, but new freelance writers commonly make this mistake. They sometimes overestimate their working capabilities.

A project may look simple to complete, but you face some hardships when you start writing it. Due to which they do not correctly judge or make an estimate about the time it will take them to complete that project.

Therefore as a new freelance writer, you certainly have to develop a work schedule in order to complete your writing projects on time. Otherwise, you are going to face the negative consequences of it. So choose a time in the morning for writing and evaluating your progress.

Common Mistakes No. 2 – Not Leaving Bad Clients           

Another common mistake by new freelance writers is not ending their work relationship with bad clients. There are some really bad clients who first of all pay at the lowest end of the spectrum and still ask for more unpaid tasks, such as adding more photos in articles, unpaid rewriting, and many more similar tasks.

As a new freelance writer in the market, you need to learn with which clients you should work and which clients you must drop. Firing bad clients is really tough for new freelance writers as they find it hard in the first place to find clients. So it’s hard for them to drop clients even if they are making them to unpaid tasks.

 But despite all that, you need to take a stand for yourself and stop working with bad clients. Therefore, try to find new clients with whom you can have a healthy work relationship.

Common Mistakes No. 3 – Not Taking Enough Rest

Being a freelance writer is certainly not an easy job. Like many other jobs, it can wear you out quickly, especially in the early writing phase. So freelance writers must take enough rest to write. If you are not a disciplined writer, then taking multiple projects at one time will certainly wear you out.

Therefore you must not take multiple projects if you cannot schedule them properly because then you will have to write for a long time, which will end up with you not getting enough rest. When you do not clear out your mind and do not take proper rest, it undoubtedly affects your writing ability.

Common Mistakes by Freelance Writers

Common Mistakes No. 4 – Working Free

A new freelance content writer obviously cannot charge as much as an experienced writer. But that does not mean that the employer should not pay him even a reasonable amount for his work. It is a misconception that as a new freelance writer, you should not even charge a fair amount for your work.

So by charging less than the reasonable amount for your work will not only harm you but will also bring the value of the freelance writer market down.

Common Mistakes No. 5 – Taking On Multiple Freelance Writing Jobs At Once

I know it is hard to say no to more work, especially when you are new in this field. New freelance writers want to make their mark, and in doing so, they accept multiple jobs at once. It usually becomes hard for them to handle.  

Indeed quality is more important than quantity. Therefore you should try to focus on the quality of work. Instead of taking on too many jobs that you cannot handle, try to take on less work and focus on it entirely. Invest your full time in it and create your masterpiece.

Common Mistakes No. 6 – Not Having Enough Savings

This mistake is quite common not only for freelance writers but for every freelancer. Do not quit your full-time job for becoming a professional freelancer before you have saved enough money for at least 6 months. You should keep this money as a backup.

Since there is no guarantee of income for new freelancers during the early period of freelancing, therefore, you need to have some money in your hand to cover up your expenses for a few months. Never jump into this ocean before preparing yourself well.

Common Mistakes No. 7 – Not Setting Proper Career Goals

Many freelance writers keep making this same mistake. While it may seem that not setting up some goals will not affect you as a writer but trust me, it does matter. You should always set up reasonable goals in order to take your career to the next level.

When you set a reasonable goal for yourself, you will create a path for it. As a freelance writer, you may set your goal to acquire two or three long term clients at the end of the year. By setting this goal, you will undoubtedly be able to assess your clients better. And you will be able to see which projects to take on and which to leave.

Common Mistake No. 8 – Not Planning For Worse Situations

Like I have said before, you need to think like a leader. And leaders always plan ahead, especially for the worse situations. As a freelance writer, you may have one or two long-term clients right now, but that is not enough.

Every freelancer knows that clients come and go. Therefore you need to keep looking for more good clients without compromising the quality of your work. So that even if your previous client leaves for some reason, you do not end up drying with no work.

Finally, I will advise you to maintain a strong and loyal relationship with your clients so that you can work with them on a long term basis. Always deliver quality work and communicate effectively with your clients. Try to avoid these common mistakes as a new freelance writer; otherwise, these minor mistakes will definitely cost you a lot.

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