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8 Best Time Management Tips for Freelancers by Krios

Time management is undoubtedly the most important task for any freelancer. Freelancing certainly comes along with the benefit of flexibility, but it has its own cost. Therefore, you must learn some time management tips as a freelancer.

Undoubtedly, time management is the most crucial task for any freelancer. You have to work on your time management skills more than the projects on your plate as a freelancer.

If you want to be productive, then you have to develop a schedule or routine for yourself and need to stick to it always. So it would be best if you learned different ways of how you can be productive and manage your time effectively.

Don’t worry, pal, you are not alone in this journey. Here, Krios has mentioned different time management tips for freelancers.

Top Tips for Time Management by Krios

The following are the few time management tips for freelancers, which will surely guide you in handling and completing your task effectively on time.

1.      Make a To-Do List for Better Time Management

I can assure you that the most important task you need to do is create a To-Do List. So, clear out your mind and start arranging the various projects on your plate based on the matter of urgency.

Creating a To-Do List is undoubtedly the best tool for time management. However, you need to be reasonable. Firstly, give priority to those projects which need to be done on an urgent basis. After that, assign the hours of work you will be spending on each project.

By creating a To-Do list, you will know the time at which each project should get complete. In order to obtain the maximum output, you need to create a To-Do list and have to stick to it indeed.

2.      Keep Track Of Your Time

I am sure that all of you will agree with me that time can be a freelancers’ best friend or his worst enemy. So, make sure that time is your best friend instead of an enemy because certainly, no one can afford that.

Therefore you need to take specific measures to keep track of your time. There are also various time tracking tools available, which will surely help you keep track of your time.

Allot time to each task in your hand to know how much time you should spend on each project.

3.      Maximize the Use of High Energy Hours

As we all know that each human being has their own high energy hours in a day. But this period is not the same for everyone. It may last for 3 hours for some of us, while it may be less or more than 3 hours for others.

So it would help if you made sure that you fully utilize those hours. For most of us, the high energy hours are in the morning when you wake up. Therefore try to complete your work, which requires more concentration in that period of time.

4.      Schedule Less Important Tasks in Low Energy Hours

While you complete your most important tasks in your high energy hours, make sure to use your low energy hours to complete those tasks that require less concentration and brainstorming.

You can schedule your meetings in such hours or reply to your inbox messages in that period of time.

If you do not prioritize your tasks based on your energy level, trust me, you will not be able to manage your time effectively and not get the most out of your workday.

5.      Try To Eliminate Distractions

On a very serious note, I would say that social media and internet surfing are those elements that will act as a catalyst and will reduce your productivity.

Therefore you need to distance yourself from social media unless your work or project is related to it, such as social media marketing. Try your best to reduce the number of times you check your emails or social media.

By following this tip, you can manage your time correctly, and your workday will be more productive.

6.      Create Certain Limits For Time Management

One crucial tip for time management is to break down a large project into simpler tasks. By creating certain limits, you will be able to manage your work easily. Hence, by making such limits, you can review the work that you have completed and can analyze whether your idea is going to work or not.

Another thing that you can do is to work in short Bursts. Work for like a half-hour, but make sure that you only work in those 30 minutes. After that, take a break for like 5 minutes, and in this break, don’t think about your work and just relax.

This technique will surely increase your productivity, and you will manage your work and time properly.

7.      Try to Say No!

For most of us, it is challenging to give no as an answer. I know it is really hard to say no to a client, especially when you are in the early phase of your freelancing career.

Obviously, you have this temptation to obtain more and more work from your client as a new freelancer. But things can get out of your hand really quickly.

Try to only get your hands on those projects which you can complete in the given amount of time. Otherwise, you will be unable to manage your time correctly and will fail to fulfill your commitment.

8.      Consider Freelancing As Your Job

I know this may sound absurd, but hear me out, fellas’. Many of you have chosen to freelance your services instead of working on the traditional 9 to 5 jobs. But you need to develop your work schedule and have to stick to it.

If you are not going to give importance to your time management, then your family life and social life will surely suffer. You will soon be going to bear the consequences of your mismanagement of time.

So, make sure that you stick to your work hours, just like the office hours. Tell your clients with confidence that you will be available to them in those hours. Gain their trust and make sure that you fulfill your commitments with your clients on time.

To sum up this whole discussion, I would say that time management is really important not only for freelancers but also for all of us. Time management techniques vary depending upon the freelancer’s nature and the kind of work he does.

A technique that might work for one person may not work at all for another person. Do not just stick to a specific app or tool for time management.  Try to find out your own techniques and tips for time management which indeed work for you.

Read out the other tips by Krios, which will help freelancers to stand out in the freelancing market.

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