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6 Common Mistakes Made By New Freelancers

As a new freelancer, you are certainly going to make some common mistakes, no matter how hard you try. But don’t worry as we will let you know about some of the common mistakes which you can avoid in the future. New freelancers should certainly learn from these common mistakes; otherwise, they will undoubtedly cost you a lot.  

Top Common Mistakes Made By New Freelancers That You Can Avoid

Here we will discuss the most common mistakes that new freelancers make and how you can easily avoid them.

1.      Lacking Punctuality

Firstly, it is one of the most common and worst mistakes you can make as a new freelancer. Undoubtedly, you have to learn to be punctual if you want to succeed as a freelancer. So, it will not matter how hard you try; if you fail to meet your deadlines, you will not succeed, my dear.

You can easily avoid this mistake. If you really have a lot of work on your hands then simply, ask your employer to extend the deadline from the start. Talk to the client about the deadline beforehand. When you respect the deadline, you respect your client.

Meeting the deadline becomes easy if you set your own deadlines for the task. Simply break the whole project into simpler tasks and try to achieve your own deadlines. By doing so, you will be able to complete the project on time.

2.      Accepting Projects at Really Low Rates

Inevitably, you are going to accept low paying jobs as a new freelancer. But the problem occurs when my pal, you accept really low paying jobs like those which are almost close to zero rates.

Indeed, low paying jobs do more harm to yourself, then you can even imagine. Low paying jobs neither add anything to your portfolio nor do they increase your skill. S, you need to understand this that such jobs will affect your morale.

You may get stuck to such jobs and have to work like that longer than you expected. Things get worse if you do not have prior experience. So, save yourself from this trap and accept only those jobs which pay you at a decent rate.

3.      Bidding on Every Project Blindly

Another common mistake that you can make as a new freelancer is to apply for every job blindly. Yes, I know that you should bid on more projects, but that does not mean that you start bidding on every project blindly. Take your time and read about the reviews of the employer also.

Otherwise, you may get stuck with a client who will never be satisfied with the work you will deliver to him. Some clients are really hard to deal with, and will only cost you your time and effort.

So, save yourself from this trouble by investing some time to read the reviews about the client. Also, read what the other freelancers are saying about that client. Only then you should start applying on several projects.

Also, think about whether a project is worth your time and effort. And, if you accept a project, will you be able to display it on your portfolio proudly.

4.      Not Having Enough Savings

If you are a new freelancer in this huge freelancing market, you have to accept that it will take time to settle in here. So it would be best if you had enough savings in your hand to cover up all your expenses.

You should have enough money that can support you for like 3-6 months. This amount will be your back up because, let’s face this fact that not all new freelancers get a smooth start. Not all freelancers are able to get a fair amount at the start of their careers.

My advice is for you is to save enough money first before becoming a full-time freelancer. And secondly, if you have a full-time job, you should choose freelancing as part time for some initial period. After that, when you get enough clients and workload, then you may leave your full-time job.

5.      Losing Work-Life Balance

As a new freelancer, you want to satisfy your clients, and for doing that, you work hard, and that’s perfectly fine. But here’s a thing, in doing all this work, you start losing out on other important aspects of life. Your social life suffers, and in short, there is no work – life balance.

Do not put all your energy and effort into work only because you will slowly wear yourself out. Try to maintain a work schedule because it is essential. Believe it or not, but your work quality will also get affected if you will not maintain a work and life balance.

6.      Not Clearing Out Things with Your Client

As a freelancer, you mostly work remotely; this may become a problem if you do not communicate with your client and do not effectively communicate with him. Things get more messed up when you work remotely, and there is a considerable time difference between you and your client.

So, you certainly have to make an effort from your side. Try to communicate with your client effectively. Also, make sure that both of you are on the same page, and there is no sort of misunderstanding.

To sum it all up, I will only say that you should consider all these factors as a new freelancer and try to avoid them as much as possible. If you succeed in this freelancing game, try to stay humble and deliver consistent quality work to your clients.

Also, read out our other blog that will provide tips to freelancers for time management.

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