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11 Best Tips and Tricks for Fresh Freelancers by Krios

If you are a fresh freelancer trying to survive in the gig economy, then these tips and tricks for fresh freelancers will surely guide you a lot.

Without a doubt, the current gig economy continues to get bigger day by day, and it likely doesn’t seem to slow down soon. With the growing number of freelancers in the economy, it is tough for fresh freelancers to survive in the freelancing network.

Generally, fresh freelancers who enter in the freelancing world face many difficulties then the popular or established freelancers. It is because of the fact that, like in any other profession or business, you need time to stand on your ground.

Top Tips and Tricks for Fresh Freelancers – Ultimate Guideline

You don’t need to worry now; just follow these below-mentioned tips and tricks for fresh freelancers, which will surely help you survive the gig economy.

1. Create Professional Profile

The first important tip for fresh freelancers is that they have to create an excellent profile. A freelancer’s profile is the first thing an employer sees.

Make sure to use a decent and professional looking photograph for your freelancing profile. Your face in the picture should be clearly visible and the background of the photograph should be neutral.

Face the camera and smile as the client is looking for a warm, friendly, and honest person. Make sure to take a good picture of yourself as it will create your first impression in front of the client.

Polish your profile regularly. Provide complete details required in your freelancing profile. In addition to this, you need to keep your freelancing profile up to date.

2. Attractive Service Image

One of the essential tips that you need to learn as a fresh freelancer is to make sure that your service/gig’s thumbnail image is attractive. It must be able to describe all the essential details of the services that you provide.

Whenever an employer looks for a freelancer on the Krios platform, the first thing he will be able to see is the thumbnail image of your service. Try to make it more attractive, noticeable, and clear so that you, as a fresh freelancer, can stand out among the other freelancers.

3. Low Service Rates

When you are new in the freelancing market, you need to keep your service rates in the lower spectrum. It is only for the earlier or starting phase of your business.

Eventually, you can increase your service rates when you are no longer considered a fresh freelancer. Earning the trust of your clients and providing quality service is the key for you.

4. Service Description

All the freelancers must write a very clear cut description of the services which they provide to clients. As a fresh freelancer, you need to make sure that you put more emphasis on this point.

The description should tell the client all the details regarding the services you can provide him. Your description will be one of the factors he would consider before deciding to choose you as his freelancer.

5. Online presence

Another essential tip that fresh freelancers must follow is to remain online on the freelancing platform majority of the time. This is necessary to create your presence on the freelancing platform.

Fresh freelancers need to remain more active online. They need to reply quickly to their clients’ messages or queries to build more trust and confidence in their relationship with the employer.

6. Bid On Projects

Krios allows employers to post jobs on the platform so that the relevant freelancers can bid on those projects. The employer then chooses the freelancers whose bid he likes the most.

Fresh freelancers should avail of this opportunity and bid on as many projects as possible, relevant to their field or domain. By doing so, fresh freelancers get a chance to obtain their first project.

As you are a fresh freelancer, try to bid on the project with lower service rates than the popular and established freelancers. It is necessary because you are a fresh freelancer and are new to this game. You should try your best to gain the trust and confidence of your employer.

7. Use Social Media

Undoubtedly, social media is a compelling platform in this current era. No one can deny the power of this platform. Fresh freelancers need to make the best use of social media. Share your freelancing profile on these online platforms.

Try to promote your services on various social media platforms. Fresh freelancers can grab the attention of multiple clients by promoting themselves on social media platforms. It has many potentials to generate clients for you.

8. Make Your Networking Game Stronger

Fresh freelancers need to take their networking game to the next level. It is an essential tip for fresh freelancers. You can never succeed in the freelancing world if you don’t work on your networking skills.

Join various groups and platforms which are related to your work domain. Keep in touch with entrepreneurs as they are related to other businesses and organizations and refer you to such companies.

9. Effective Communication

As a fresh freelancer, you need to work on your communication skills a lot. Make sure to have effective communication with your employer. Communicate in a professional tone with your employer.

Communication will either make or break your relationship with your employer. Try to gain his trust and show him that you are worthy of the job. Provide quality service to your employer and treat him with respect so that he would like to hire you again for a long term basis.

10. Never Lose Hope

Without a doubt, I can say that the first or initial years of freelancing are really hard. Fresh freelancers have to go through many different struggles before they can become a successful freelancer.

It isn’t easy to obtain your first client and earn his trust and confidence as a fresh freelancer. You need to keep your faith strong and have to keep working hard without losing your hope.

11. Help Your Fellow Freelancers

We can only benefit ourselves truly when we think about benefiting our community. Help the other fresh freelancers in your freelancing community.

If you are in need of outside help, hire other freelancers from Krios. A client may assign you a task that requires the expert opinion of another freelancer. In such cases, you should employ other freelancers to outsource that specific task to him. Readout our next article, which will guide you on how you can hire an expert freelancer from Krios.

Krios is a marketplace for both freelancers and businesses of any size. Consider signing up to Krios to get your job done by the talented and skilled freelancers from all around the world.

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