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10 Important Things Fresh Freelancers Must Consider

Being a freelancer and making a mark in this vastly growing gig economy is not an easy thing to do. There has been a tremendous rise in the freelancers in the past decade. Many millennials are opting to freelance their services instead of working on the 9 to 5 jobs.

Every newbie freelancer must know that it is not always rainbows and sunshine in the freelance market. Especially the first year in the freelancing market is challenging for every fresh freelancer. 

If you are a fresh and young freelancer and want to make freelancing as your profession, you should read these tips mentioned below, helping you survive in the freelancing network.

1. Prioritize Your Health First

Keep your health as your first priority. With the ongoing situation of the pandemic, you should make sure to keep yourself healthy.

Freelancers earn their money because of their time, talent, and skills. So if you end up getting sick, then no one else is going to complete your duties.

Adopt all those habits which will keep your mind and body healthy.

2. Be Disciplined

If you are a disciplined person and know how to schedule your daily routine tasks, then Kudos to you, man.  This isn’t easy for everyone.

In order to become a successful freelancer, you must develop a schedule for yourself. This will help you to organize your daily task.

The schedule can be strict or flexible depending on your personality, but it is better to have a strict schedule to follow in the early years.

3. Save Some Money Beforehand

Keep yourself on the safe side and save some money beforehand as there is a high chance that you will not be able to generate a consistent income for some time.

It is better to save some money for yourself, as it will help you in paying expenses for at least 2 to 3 months.

4. Work on Your Public Relations

You have to work on your networking skills. Try to increase your networking skills, both online and offline. If you have strong public relations, it will definitely help you to boost up your freelancing game.

Face to face interactions often tends to build a more substantial relationship.

Join social networking platforms and add yourself in some groups of freelancing, here; you will be able to meet many people looking forward to working with freelancers.

5. Increase Your Skills

One of the things you can do to survive in the freelancing world is to expand your skills and services you offer.

It is better to learn more skills and then start experimenting with them.  If a freelancer only provides minimalistic logo design services, he should consider providing broader designing services.

There is no harm in learning and experimenting with more skills. But make sure to fully grasp your new skill, so that you are able to provide excellent quality work for your client.

6. Overcome Your Fears

The only thing which is holding you back is your fear. Don’t be afraid of grabbing onto an opportunity. Even in this chaotic time, you can find your silver lining.

Reach out to those organizations that need more productivity; freelancers are the problem-solvers, go and reach out to those organizations which require your quality output.

7. Cut out Your Expenses

Spend money a bit conservatively in the initial years of freelancing.

Cancel the subscription for Netflix (I know, I know it’s hard, but you can do it), eat more at home instead of going out.

Most people save money after spending on their needs, they save up the money left after spending, but you, my pal, have to do it the other way around.

Save a portion of your income before you are going to spend on your expenses. Save some income first; it will help you out like your back up in the time of need.

8. Remember Tax

Don’t forget to pay your annual taxes like you usually forget to do some important house chores (I got you here).

People who get monthly salaries don’t need to worry about paying tax on their salary. The tax already gets deducted based on their income before the salary is transferred to their accounts.

But that, my dear, is not the case for freelancers. Freelancers receive 100% income from the client, and they must pay tax from it afterward.

Remember, I told you to save some beforehand, because it will help you out in payment of your taxes.

9. Market Your Business

Promote your business like crazy; you will need to market your freelancing business in the initial years. When you make your ground in the freelancing market, you don’t promote your business as a newcomer needs to because the previous clients like to work with you again and again.

Join various platforms and groups, both offline and online, related to your niche. Try to be in more contact with entrepreneurs, as they always are in need of more productivity.

10. Hire Other Freelancers

Yeah, you read it correctly.

 A freelancer should also hire other freelancers in times of need. Sometimes a client may give you a project which requires you to outsource some of its tasks; in such cases, get the help of other freelancer and hire him.

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